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Virtually There

Virtually There


In an effort of bridging the gap closer and closer between family and friends in the Kingdom, we at is proud to introduce "Virtually There" another FIRST from

This service uses the power of the internet to ensure you get the utmost experience in surprising your loved ones on their special occasion in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

All you need is:

  • Internet connection
  • Webcam with a mic
  • Chat Client either Skype or Yahoo Messenger!

How it works: 

Once you select this service on checkout our personnel will get in touch with you to test the connectivity between our tablet devices and your chat client. Once successfully tested we will schedule the delivery and prior to making the delivery we will establish communication with you and then approach the customer for delivery.

You can then wish or surprise your loved one the way you would do if you were there your self with the gift. We will provide 3 minutes of connectivity between you and your loved one or share your moments.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction is met at all times, so if you have any questions or concerns on this service, please do contact us.
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