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How to Sweep a Girl off Her Feet

  1. Strike up a conversation. If you haven't met her yet, find something unique about her or the situation the two of you are in and say something about it. If she's a friendly person this should give you enough to talk about until you can start asking her questions to get to know her better.
  2. Make a good impression. You can show her that you're someone worth knowing without bragging about yourself or seeming egotistical. Exercise excellent hygiene, and bring out your polite side by staying away from harsh language and dirty jokes. If you can show her extra consideration by holding open a door or offering to carry a heavy pile of books, do it with a smile. She'll notice.
  3. Help her feel special. Find small ways to let her know you like her, without making a big show of it. Keeping this on a subtle level takes the pressure off her, and lessens your odds of having a huge gesture rejected. Here are some ideas. 
    • Make eye contact and say hi. Whenever you happen to see her, meet her eyes, pull out a genuine smile, and say hello. If there's time, ask how her day is going or find a way to refer back to your last conversation.
    • Pay her a simple - but meaningful - compliment. There's no need to go all out and write a lengthy sonnet about her eyes. Instead, find a way to bring up one of her best qualities without making her feel awkward. For instance, you could say "Your smile brightens my day" or "That color really makes your eyes sparkle." The compliment itself might be a bit platonic, but deliver it with a lowered voice or a wink to let her know you're interested in being more than platonic friends.
    • Ask for her opinion. Asking what she thinks about something communicates that you're interested in what she has to say. You could do this with an assignment, band, television show, or something you find interesting.
  4. Find ways to spend time with her. Don't try to fill her every waking minute with your presence (aka being clingy), but do try to increase your interaction time a little bit. Sit with her at lunch, or ask if you can accompany her to her next class or on her walk home. If you participate in an extracurricular or volunteer activity, ask if she'd be interested in joining up. If you have a class in common, offer yourself as her study buddy for an upcoming test or project.
  5. Make a bold move. If she's been receptive to all of the above steps and you're reasonably certain that she's interested in you, take it to the next level with a romantic gesture. Here are some possibilities to consider.
    • Arrange for her to find a small bouquet of flowers tied with a simple ribbon and accompanied by a short note. Make sure she knows (either immediately or shortly after she finds them) that they're from you.
    • Ask her out, and plan a surprise date. Keep the event low-pressure by planning everything in advance so that all she has to do is show up. For instance, you could plan a daytime picnic at a quiet park or nature preserve, or unexpectedly take her to do one of her favorite activities, like rock climbing or hiking. If there's a school dance coming up, find a cute and memorable way to ask her.
    • Find a way to tell her how you feel. Sweeping her off her feet could be as simple as expressing your feelings to her in a flattering way. Pick a moment when the mood feels right, and tell her why you think she's amazing. If you can't face the possible rejection in person, build a handwritten note and give it to her. Avoid texting, Instant Messages or email if possible - they're less personal, and therefore lack an inherent romantic touch.
  6. Leave the next step up to her. Once she knows your intentions, leave the door open for her to also express interest. Make it easy by telling her you're free next weekend, and you'd love to see her. If she's interested, she'll help you make it happen. If not, try to accept it gracefully - she might change her mind later on, and remembering that you handled the rejection like a decent person might help her see you in a more favorable light.
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