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Returns and Refunds


In a rare situation where the customer is not happy with the quality of flowers used, he/she is requested to register a complaint immediately. Any complaints made after 24 hours of delivery won’t be entertained. In case the complaint is found genuine; we would be happy to have his/her flowers replaced free of cost.

We at "BahrainGreetings.com" can only guarantee the quality of the flowers. For any other product such as “Teddy Bear”, “Cakes”, “Fruits” etc. the respective brand owner will be responsible for the quality of the products.


If we at "BahrainGreetings.com" are unable to deliver any order, the customer will be refunded in full. We shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-delivery. A refund will be made only if the delivery failure is due to our mistake or if the area is non-serviceable.


Approximate Time Required For Processing A Refund: 7 Working Days.

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