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Ideas to Treat Your Wife on Valentine's Day

After the rush of Christmas and New Years, it seems like you're just catching your breath before Valentine's Day sneaks up. When your gift budget and list of gift ideas has dwindled, it's hard to come up with anything original. Flowers will be appreciated by your wife, but they don't take much planning. Show your wife you planned ahead and made the extra effort to make the day special for her. Read these ideas for treating your wife on Valentine's Day, and start planning ahead.

Breakfast in Bed

Wake up extra early Valentine's morning, and make your wife breakfast in bed. Plan ahead, and cook something special like crepes or French toast. If work permits, go in late, and offer to get the kids ready for school while she sleeps in and enjoys her breakfast in bed. Add a good novel or her favorite latte to her breakfast tray to show her you put in the extra time and thought to make her day.

A Homemade Dinner

If you want to cook for your wife but mornings just aren't your best time of day, try making her dinner. If she is the one who cooks every evening, she will appreciate the break. Try something fancy like streak or lamb. If cooking isn't in your skill set, you can still impress her with an easier dish like linguine with shrimp and roasted tomatoes. Decorate the table with rose petals, candles, or chocolate. Break out the fancier dishes for this occasion.


Pack a mini-picnic of wine and an assortment of chocolates, and find a spot to relax under the stars with your wife. If you choose a spot nearby, you can even take an evening stroll to get there. If not, you can bring some of your favorite music to listen to as a couple, and play it for her in the car. Be sure to pack a blanket on your trip.

Unique Gifts

If you don't have time for a date on Valentine's Day, brainstorm early on, and shop for a unique gift that you know she will like. Think about her hobbies. For example, if she likes crafting then fill a decorative box with a variety of craft supplies from you local craft store. You can pick up things like yarn, ribbon, stamps, and paintbrushes. Think about the projects she's made recently to help you choose an assortment of materials. Going out of your comfort zone to choose a gift will impress her, and show her that you are aware of and appreciate her interests.

Take a Day Trip

If you want to go all out for Valentine's Day, take a day trip. You will need to plan more for this idea than for other ones, but if you and your wife are the adventurous time, it'll be worth it. Take the day off, and plan all-day sitters for your children. Map the trip beforehand to make the most of your day. Find a cafe for lunch and a romantic venue for dinner. In between, do some shopping, and take a walk on the beach at the ritz. Do your research to find interesting places to go. Create your route to hit hot spots, and plan on doing more than you think you'll be able to. You don't want to run out of things to do on your adventure-packed day trip.

If you're in the habit of buying chocolate at a convenience store on the way home, try something different this Valentine's Day. Surprise your wife with your creativity this Valentine's Day, and plan ahead. Cook her a meal, or create a unique gift suited to her tastes. Use these Valentine's Day ideas to show your wife just how much you care about her.

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