A Gift of an Experience

Gift of Experience

“Experience” – How would you describe it?…

One narration found in the Oxford English Dictionary mentions this “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone”. Precisely the point to which we directed our focus on, and as a mere result of this “The Gift of Experience” was born.

At a time where the norm is to gift flowers, chocolates, perfumes, and so on, our motive was to go beyond. Beyond the usual norm and provide more. For the first time, we, BahrainGreetings.com the pioneers in online shopping in Bahrain have opened the doors for a more comprehensive selection in gift items in the form of Gift Vouchers that enables the shopper to Gift an Experience to his/her loved one.

Sharing the same outlook on the subject as we did, we were thrilled when the V-Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel and the Movenpick Hotel agreed to get on board with us on this new venture.  Furthermore, we are now delighted to have The Gulf Hotel Bahrain with us as well.

Its not very long ago that we launched this project, but the response we have had from our ardent online shoppers have not been short of amazing. Wonderful parents celebrated their anniversary, A boy in love proposed to his long-time love. A sister gave a chance to a brother to celebrate his birthday in style with his friends and a husband celebrated 1 year of togetherness with his beautiful wife.

“Gift of Experience” is still a few months old and we are still in the process of nurturing it with utmost love and thought. Although still at its prime, the joy and happiness it has brought to many of our loyal and ardent customers is invaluable.

To our loyal customers from across the globe, thank you for your time taken to read our blog through. You are our testimony for lasting a decade. To our new readers, welcome to BahrainGreetings.com. We present to you, with utmost humbleness… “A Gift on an Experience

Gift of Experience

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