Balloon me away!!

Balloon Collection
First and foremost a “hello there” to all our readers. Welcome to web blog. Hoping to provide all our wonderful folks out there a brief on whats new at so that you are kept up-to date with our products and know exactly what to buy next time you visit us. So…, going back to the topic, guess what we’ve got in store for you! If pictures could speak a million words, you should have guessed it by now, Yes! We’ve got them Balloons just perfect for you. Thinking of that someone special in your life? Have a look at our store. From a bouquet of hearts to singing balloons to express what you feel; the range is immense. Want more?… What about customizing the balloons the way you want it? Or even better, write what you wish to say on your balloon? Imagine the smile and element of surprise you would give. No, we’ve not forgotten you sweet 16s out there nor the wonderful couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. Same goes to the loving moms and dads too. We’ve got something for everyone. What’s so wonderful about this entire scheme is that, all this lay in the touch of your fingertips. Click below so that you could explore more on our offers. You could also come visit us at Vintage Flora – Shop 277, Avenue 13, Tubli, If you want to see it for yourself. Enjoy exploring…. Till we meet again, Cherio!! P.S – The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power… – Just think a minute